Various Types Of Wedding Films

Wedding film is the type of film in which the whole event of a wedding ceremony is documented and it is modified according to demand of wedding couple. Everyone wants their wedding event to be recorded and photographed so that these precious moments get stored forever in the form of a video or a photograph. These videos or photographs are only the couple’s source of joy but the later generations also gets to see the wedding of their parent or grandparents. Wedding films Sydney are recorded by wedding videographer, who captures the event in the form of video and then add songs and various other features in it to give a final shape to the wedding video. In this article, we are going to discuss about various types of wedding films.

Wedding films:

Wedding video or a film is a video that documents a wedding on a video. The method of making wedding film is not only limited to capturing the event the form of a video but it requires several other steps as well before it is completely prepared to be watched. These steps can be editing and modification of video visuals and sound effects.

Various types of wedding films:

Wedding films can be of various types, depending upon the style or methods used in preparing the video. One style of making a wedding video is by artistic filming style, this style of video totally depends upon the preference of the couple or the videographer, and it is basically a free style of filming. Another style of filming wedding event is by journalistic style; it is most widely used style of filming wedding video because it does not require special skills of a videographer as the event has to be recorded in plain way. Then there is a cinematic filming style, in which a video is recorded while using the same method that is used in making a film.

Besides the above mentioned filming styles, there is a storytelling filming style in which a wedding video is accompanied by narrating a voice and music. Another style is highlights filming style, it is shorter in duration that is from about fifteen minutes to fifty minutes. In these types of filming style of a wedding, only highlights of a wedding event are covered in a video. Every type of wedding video needs to be edited once after it has been shot, no matter what style is selected for filming video.


Wedding film is a video that records the whole event of wedding ceremony. There are different methods or styles for filming a wedding video. These styles vary from journalistic filming style to artistic filming style, from cinematographic filming style to storytelling filming style. All of the wedding films need to be edited and modified after being recorded. Honey bear films makes best kind of a wedding films for your auspicious event as they have the most professional team of wedding videographers who records all the precious moments of your big day.